Team Burrell

Team Burrell in action @ Gleasons Gym.
Scott Bang Bang Burrell & Dean Badnewz Burrell.
26 years twin brothers from Jamaica based in Brooklyn, New York City. I visit them at Gleasons Gym in Brooklyn in january with their coach Hector Roca.

Team Burrell facts:
Scott: Boxing for nearly 16 years.
Dean : Boxing for nearly 16 years.

Scott : 11 professional fights. 9 wins, 6 wins by knockout and 2 defeats
Dean : 7 knockouts from 10 wins

Scott career goals: Firstly become a world champion, hopefully within the next couple of years and he want to one day be seen as the best fighter in the world pound for pound.

Dean career goals: To be a world champion in multiple weight classes, and to be the best fighter of he`s area.